Ray Oil Tool Silver Bullet Float Shoes


The Silver Bullet Float Shoe, first developed by RAY OIL TOOL CO. for pounding the casing into wellbores in Colombia, SA, is now also being used by operators worldwide to pound and ream their casing.
Ray Oil Tool's patented Centralized Float Shoes have incorporated the Silver Bullet Nose to create a new generation of Reamer Float Shoes and Collars to again help the casing reach total depth.

For reaming, the Centralizing Blades are covered with tungsten carbide to increase blade life. The blade configuration can be the operator’s choice, straight, spiral or tapered.  



Both the Silver Bullet Float Shoes and the Reamer Shoes are available as shown in Standard Bullet Nose and the Eccentric (Mule Shoed) Nose Type. Other types of noses are available upon operator request. All configurations’ offer up jets, down jets, and/or grooves in the nose.



RAY OIL TOOL CO float equipment incorporates our newly designed poppet valve assembly and closure element made with a quick drillTM phenolic material. A high strength quick drillTM aggregate concrete is the compound that holds the valve in the machined Float Collar and Float Shoe to form a strong unit. All float valve units have successfully endured the maximum API RP 1OF flow durability test.  


Ray Oil Tool Company Float Shoes are available as guide shoes, or with single or multiple valves.

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