Ray Oil Tool Float Equipment

Designed and developed to completely eliminate secondary cement squeezing of the casing shoe seats.

ray oil tool oilfield cementing equipment tornado centralised (centralized) float shoe

Ray Oil Tool float equipment guides casing into the hole while providing a landing seat for wiper plugs and incorporates our newly designed Poppet Valve Assembly and closure element made with a Quick Drill Phenolic material.
A high strength Quick Drill™ aggregate concrete is the compound that bonds the valve to the U-type grooves machined into the body of the float collar and float shoe to form a strong unit.
Ray Oil Tool Centralised (centralized) oilfield cementing float equipment
All float valve units have successfully endured the maximum API RP 1OF flow durability test. A superior back-pressure valve assembly is made totally of recommended PDC bit drillable phenolic material bonded to the U-type grooves in the steel housing with special high-strength concrete.
Our float equipment is recommended on all casing shoe joints where rock solid shoe seats are essential. This includes new deep water wells where rig time is very expensive, horizontal wells with open hole completions, exploratory wells with heavy mud programs, and close tolerance drilling liners where casing centralization and successful cementing has been a problem.
This unique float shoe made the “No Squeeze System” possible and originated our phrase, 
“If the cement has set up, there will be no reason to squeeze”
                                                                      Tornado No-Squeeze Float Shoe                                                         
                                                                      Bi Centered Float Shoes & Collars