Rig Floor Oilfield Air Operated Mud Bucket

What are mud buckets used for?

The mud bucket clamps around the pin and box ends of the drill pipe creating an air tight seal. The interchangeable seals are located at the top and bottom of the unit. With the pipe threads backed off, the joint of pipe is then lifted up away from the string. The drilling fluid inside the drill pipe, instead of spraying out over the drill floor, is safely contained inside the bucket.

With the fluid now safely contained it is then redirected through a 6” hose straight to the mud pit or fluid line. In this respect, mud buckets contribute greatly to an operation’s fluids and solids control system.


RAY OIL TOOL CO oilfield air operated mud bucket animation demo from Ray Oil Tool Co on Vimeo.


Ray Oil Tool Air Operated Mud Bucket


Mud Bucket Open and shut lever control Mud Bucket Control Lever

Control lever isolation cover


Rig Floor Mud Buckets Quick Release Pipe SealOilfield Mud Bucket Pipe Seal

Quick release drill pipe seals, fast change out in minutes


Mud Bucket air powered cylinder Mud Bucket air operated cylinder

Three positive push air cylinders eliminate requirement for hazardous latching device



The mud buckets main purpose is to control and redirect drilling fluids during drill floor procedures such as tripping, keeping the fluid in the circulation system. Mud Buckets help keep the fluids off the drill floor which reduces slip hazards and potentially hazardous exposure to the drill crew.

Our mud buckets fit onto drill pipe creating a tight seal around the pipe. The fluids are caught in the bucket and carried back into the rig system through a 6" heavy duty hose.

The Ray Oil Tool Air Operated Mud Bucket has been manufactured to suit drill pipe from sizes 2 ⅜" to 6 ⅝".

Our renowned Air Operated Mud Bucket is currently used by many of the oil majors, drilling contractors and oilfield rental companies globally and favored for its own unique safety features, easy operation & low maintenance.


Ray Oil Tool Mud Buckets

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