Liner Reamer Shoe


Ray Oil Tool Company introduces a New Era of Innovative Reamer Shoes used in long reach horizontal wellbores and when running liners or casing strings thru difficult formations and problematic wellbores.

    • Bronze nose for easy drill out (0-3000 lbs. on drill bit, 10-60 RPM).

    • Unique Tungsten Carbide cutting surface design applied to nose for maximum performance.

    • Spiral blades with Tungsten to maximize cutting contact.

    • Recessed nose tip to allow easy well bore entry.

    • Down jets designed to keep cutting surface free and clean of debris.

    • Maximum coverage of Tungsten on both the nose and the body (Perfect for liners)
    Liner Reamer Drill Shoe is PDC or roller bit drillable.

    Ray Oil Tool  Reamer Shoes are available as guide shoes, or with single or multiple valves

    Solutions are at hand; Contact a Ray Oil Tool Representative for the most advanced casing centralizer technology.