Drill Floor E-Z Spin BHA , X Over Stabilizer Make Up Tool

The E-Z Spin BHA Stabilizer Tool - An essential tool for the handling of drilling BHA components. An easy to use tool that fits into the holes in the rotary table.
The tool is designed to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and ensure rig time is utilized to the fullest, when picking up the bottom hole assembly by stabilizing each individual component.
The BHA (bottom hole assembly) is oilfield drilling terminology describing the lowest part of the drill string extending from the drill bit, up to the drill pipe.
The bottom hole assembly will be made up of drill collars, crossover subs -  sometimes referred to as a x over or a xo sub. Other parts include stabilizers, pup joints, reamer shoes, shocks, hole-openers, bit sub and so on.
The BHA design will be based upon the requirements of having enough weight transfer to the bit (WOB). This provides the ability to drill and achieve a sufficient Rate of Penetration (ROP),
Due to the weight of all individual components within the BHA, safety awareness must be of upmost consideration when making up each connection.The pinch point risk needs to be identified and eliminated ensuring the procedure is carried out safely to avoid any injuries. 

Eliminate the risk by using the EZ Spin stabilizing tool.  

 EZ Spin BHA X OVER Stabilizer Tool for drill floor use

It is important to ensure proper alignment prior to stabbing and of course before spinning-up each connection, as misalignment can cause serious damage to the threads. Reduced speed for the initial few turns until a sufficient engagement has been achieved - Increase speed thereafter.


 The E-Z Spin consists of the following


Bottom - Stabbing Pin 


 18" Upper guide pin

ez spin stabilizer tool rig floor use
 rig floor bha stabiliser tool
Two plates connected with twelve 1 ½" heavy duty springs
The safety aspect of the EZ Spin Stabiliser Tool is that no one has to hold and balance the assembly by hand whilst attempting to pick one up or lay one down.


Tap or click the image below to download the EZ Spin Tool PDF Data Sheet

Drill Floor EZ Spin BHA make up tool, oilfield bottom hole assembly thread stab in make up spin tool


Drill Floor EZ Spin BHA make up tool, oilfield bottom hole assembly thread stab in make up spin tool

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