Intercasing Centraliser (centralizer)

The Intercasing (inline) casing centralizer is the centralizer solution for running premium flush joint casing connections through the liner hanger and sidetrack windows.

Slip-on type centralizers (bow, rigid, or solids) have a history of slipping and breaking in these areas causing casing running problems.

  1. For close wellbore/casing annulus
  2. Productive zone centralization
  3. For drilling liners, two (2) Intercasing in the overlap and two (2) above the ROTCO centralized Float Collar
  4. For liner overlaps, place one Intercasing centralizer near the bottom of the overlap and one (1) near the liner hanger
  5. Sidetrack (running casing through a cut window)

The Intercasing centralizer is integrated as part of the casing, with the same type of thread and categorization as per the casing being utilized. Sub body and blades are machined, not welded (casing pup joint with blades). Intercasing centralizer blades are tapered to a 30º angle that allows for a smooth entry. In regards to cost, manufacturing time, and engineers' preference, intercasing centralizers are manufactured and available in a variety of lengths.

Solutions are at hand; Contact a Ray Oil Tool Representative for the most advanced casing centralizer technology.