Duraslide® Low Friction Centraliser (Centralizer)

Previous field runs prove you can experience a minimised start-up torque and easier pipe rotation due to the entire centralizer (centraliser) being coated, 100%





Our Duraslide® coating is applied to the entire centralizer body, ID, and OD, then baked on at high temperature to ensure the coatings durability required downhole.

We now offer you a centralizer with a proven track record in reducing the coefficiency of friction helping you get to bottom faster - contact us for more information.

Duraslide® Coating the entire Inside Diameter enables a centralizer to rotate more freely around the casing. This develops low rotational friction that enables a reduced running force as it rotates, 

  • Drag is reduced when running from cased hole sections through into open hole
  • Reduced startup torque when rotating liners
  • Enhanced cleanup and cement placement property.

Ten Benefits of DURASLIDE® Coating 

  1. Low friction: Coefficient of Friction as low as 0.02
  2. Wear resistance: excellent even under extreme pressures
  3. Corrosion and chemical resistance in most environments
  4. Weather resistant against sunlight, salt water, and road chemicals
  5. Wide temperature operating range: from -250° to 285°C.
  6. Flexible curing schedule: ambient to 400°C.
  7. Duraslide® fights corrosion
  8. Pliability: Duraslide® coating will bend freely and repeatedly without breaking
  9. High build: multiple coats of Duraslide® coating can be applied 
  10. Excellent surface adhesion 


DURASLIDE® coatings provide: 

  • Dry Lubrication
  • Low Friction
  • Wear Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Non-Stick and Release Properties
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

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