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Highly Effective Rust Solvent Remove rust staining from rig paintwork, plastic, fibre glass and metal surfaces

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Produces astonishingly good results. Rust affected objects treated with rust solvent can regain their original appearance.

Clean painted surfaces to ensure a better undercoat when repainting.

Washing down painted surfaces to ensure a better surface bond for new paint and offers a good surface to apply undercoat before painting. 

Rig paintwork can often be severely discoloured by heavy rust staining but fortunately, that does not mean that there is a danger of corrosion of the base material, however, rust staining gives an impression of insufficient maintenance.

Ray Oil Tool supplies Rust Solvent giving the rig's deck crew an opportunity to wash off rust staining easily, and extending the life of existing paintwork leaving the surface as if it has been newly painted. Rust discoloured metal surfaces, painted areas, glass fibre surfaces, and plastic can be treated with Rust Solvent making them clean so they appear newly painted.

Easily wash of rust staining from marine paintwork and metal surfaces from Ray Oil Tool Co on Vimeo.

       BELOW IMAGE - Before Application


BELOW IMAGE - After Application

For use on rig paintwork,
  1. Apply neat or diluted - and just like a regular rig wash, brush into the surface of the stained paintwork.
  2. Leave to work about 15-30 minutes and rust staining will disappear, on most occasions, the surface will appear as if it has been newly painted revealing its original luster and shine
  3. Depending on how heavily stained, reapply using the same procedure.

     Oilfield Marine Paintwork Rust Cleaner

    ABOVE IMAGE - Paintwork Before Application  


    Once cleaned it is recommended to treat the area from time to time to keep the paintwork bright, clean and rust free. The product is non-aggressive to skin however following the advised PPE requirements on the safety data sheet is recommended. 

    Rust Solvent is ideal for outside maintenance on all platforms, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, and drillships which are exposed to an aggressive and corrosive environment. 




     After Application - Including inner side of Stainless Steel Box 




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    Safety data sheet according to (EC) No. 1907/2006




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