Successful casing/liner running and proper placement of casing centralizers are necessary in obtaining a good primary cement job. Computer modeling can predict drag, hook loads, optimum placement of centralizers for maximum stand-off.

Pegasus Vertex has developed Centradesign to aid in the design of casing/liner running and placement of centralizers.

Engineering Features
  • 3D wellbore/3D well path visualization
  • 3D parameter visualization
  • Casing deflection and centralizer compression
  • Latest casing bending models
  • Specify spacing or specify standoff
  • 20 sections of pipes and 20 wellbore intervals
  • For each pipe, the user can choose:
    • Specify spacing design
    • Specify standoff design
    • Incremental spacing option
    • Combination of spring-bow and rigid centralizers
  • Includes one-span casing analysis
  • Torque and drag (Hook load, surface torque) calculations for:
    • Slack-off/pick-up
    • With or without rotation
    • Drilling, rotation off bottom
  • Multiple friction factors for different wellbore intervals
  • Casing flotation/optimization of air section length
  • Tripping animation with force/torque profiles
  • Tripping animation with standoff profile
  • Extensive tubular and centralizer databases included
  • Side force on centralizers and joint
  • Automatically export results into MS Word and Excel
  • Allows oil field, SI and customized units

    Solutions are at hand; Contact a Ray Oil Tool Representative for the most advanced casing centralizer technology.