Tornado Centralized Up-jet Float Shoes

Designed and developed to completely eliminate secondary cement squeezing of the casing shoe seats.

Ray Oil Tool Float Equipment guides casing into the hole while providing a landing seat for wiper plugs.

With standoff and the Tornado Up-Jet effect, the Up-Jet Tornado washes past ledges and wellbore restriction, enhancing fluid circulation that gives you 360° cement coverage around the casing. The Tornado directs fluid circulation to the area of the wellbore where it is also needed - the narrow side of the casing.


centralised centralized tornado upjet float shoecentralized centralised float shoes and collars

Ray Oil Tool Company float equipment incorporates our newly designed Poppet Valve Assembly and closure element made with a Quick Drill™Phenolic material.
A high strength Quick Drill™ aggregate concrete is the compound that bonds the valve to the U-type grooves machined into the body of the Float Collar and Float Shoe to form a strong unit. All float valve units have successfully endured the maximum API RP 1OF flow durability test.
A superior back-pressure valve assembly is totally made of recommended PDC bit drillable phenolic material bonded to the U-type grooves in the steel housing with special high-strength concrete.

ROTCO Stand-Off Float Equipment is recommended on all casing shoe joints where rock solid shoe seats are essential. This includes new deep water wells where rig time is very expensive, horizontal wells with open hole completions, exploratory wells with heavy mud programs, and close tolerance drilling liners where casing centralization and successful cementing has been a problem. This unique Float Shoe made the “No Squeeze System” possible and originated our phrase,...

“If the cement has set up, there will be no reason to squeeze” 
Casing is very seldom if ever plumb bob in any wellbore, therefore lateral forces are always against a side of the centralizer which destroys bow centralizers.
Wellbore Keyseat, an eroded channel or groove cut into the side of the wellbore and parallel to the axis of the hole, caused by rotation, reciprocation and tripping of the drill string. This scenario exist in all wells but worsens in a high deviated or horizontal wellbore where extreme high loads create various size keyseats, made by the different components of the drill string.
well bore keyseat

Proper measures should be taken when running a Casing/Liner in a wellbore where keyseats are a problematic encounter. The running of the Casing/Liner may not be possible unless proper casing accessories are implemented. Ray Oil Tool has innovated such casing accessories that will assist the Casing/Liner to reach total depth. This accomplishment is done by placing Solid Centralizers and Centralized Float Equipment supporting the Casing/Liner across the wellbore keyseat.

Solid type Centralizers and Centralized Float Equipment play a greater role by supporting the Casing/Liner from becoming differentially stuck or stuck by mechanical means such as mud solids and/or filter cake wall. Furthermore, Solid Centralizers and Centralized Float Equipment, the preferred casing accessories, capable of achieving proper Stand-off between the wellbore and the Casing/Liner and deliver 360º total cement coverage.

Bow Centralizers are inadequate tools when run in deviated or horizontal wellbore where keyseats are encountered.
centralised centralized cementing float shoe and collar


The Tornado has demonstrated excellent results in historically difficult well cementing areas, horizontal wells and wells where differential pressures may be critical. The solid straight blades of the Tornado not only guide the casing into the wellbore (sliding by ledges), but also reduce drag, eliminate scrapping, clogging between blades and provide proper standoff for primary cementing. The cemented centralized float shoe anchors the casing which will in turn minimize casing back-offs.


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