Cement Wiper Plugs

The Quick Drill™ casing cementing wiper plugs have two (2) unique (patented) internal designs which makes for Faster-Better-Cheaper cement wiper plugs.

The phenolic core of the wiper plugs has a breakage design for early breakage of the core with the bit without reducing the effectiveness of the core. The second unique design is the controlled expansion engaging the wall of the casing like a packer, compressing and locking the outer body and fins of the wiper plug firmly against the inner wall of the casing with only 1000 psi differential pump pressure on the plugs.
Wiper Plugs

This unique compressed locking design eliminates the need for expensive special wiper plug/locking float collars. Any float collar will serve as a landing base for these Quick Drill™ wiper plugs.

Torque tests of the compressed 7" Quick Drill™ wiper plug at room temperature exceeded 2000 ft lbs of torque resistance. With time and wellbore heat the bonding to the inner wall of the casing becomes greater. Quick Drill™ wiper plugs saves rig time as actual recorded drilling time for a set of 7-5/8" plugs was less than 10 minutes. The Quick Drill™ wiper plugs coupled with the RAY OIL TOOL CO. easy drill high strength cement aggregate in their patented Float Equipment, assures a good combination of rig time savings plus an excellent opportunity at no secondary cement squeezing.
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