Drill Pipe & Casing Cleaning - Sponge Foam Wiper Balls

Concrete and Cement pump clean out FOAM /SPONGE WIPER BALLS

In order to clean residue left in the bore of the drill pipe or pump lines after pumping cement/concrete or drilling fluids, a sponge foam wiper ball is used for cleaning the internal diameter of the drill pipe, Casing, tubing or pump lines

Drill Pipe Foam Sponge Wiper Ball, drill pipe wiper

The foam wiper ball often referred to as drill pipe wipers are designed to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids. These wiper balls are made of natural rubber and can be used in a temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C). The ball has a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged.

Drill Pipe foam sponge wiper balls pipe cleaning

The wiper ball can be loaded into drill pipe or tubing connections. They easily pass through internal upset restrictions such as mechanical setting tools, diverters, and liner running tools, and multiple balls can be pumped if necessary. Foam wiper balls have been used with all types of drilling and displacement fluids.

We have supplied sponge balls from as small as 1" and the largest so far being 18" however, the most common sizes requested are as follows:

3 - inches

4 - inches

5 - inches

6 - inches

7 - inches

8 - inches

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