EZ Load Offshore Sponge Foam Wiper Ball Launcher Tool

Make safe & easy loading of sponge foam wiper balls offshore into the drill string or tubing



Make easy work of loading foam wiper balls into the drill string

Designed to wipe clean the residual coating of cement that is left within the drill string during cement pumping operations, The EZ- Load Wiper Ball Launcher Tool has been created using lightweight, high strength aluminium to make the tool very easy and safe to handle by the rig personnel and to eliminate contact with oil-based mud and other harmful drilling fluids.

The EZ Load Ball Launcher Tool is designed to fit all sizes of drill pipe

(from 3 1/2" up to 6-5/8") and takes approximately 30 seconds to complete the launching procedure.

Sponge Foam Ball Launcher Tool for Drill Pipe Cleaning

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