Rig Maintenance Rig Wash Cleaner

S1 Extra is a very unique & effective Rig Wash degreaser/cleaner which will easily clean oil based mud, general grease & oil as well as soot/carbon deposits from all surfaces.

S1 Extra rigwash oilfield cleaner


S1 Extra oilfield rigwash cleaner


S1 EXTRA can with great advantage be used in these areas

  •  Daily cleaning of tiles, concrete and artificial floors, which are exposed to heavy traffic.
  •  Easily disperses base oil and drilling mud leaving a dry safe non slip surface every  time. 
  •  Heavy duty cleaning of rig paintwork bulkheads,decks and other surfaces all over the  rig without damaging the paint.
  •  For pressure sluicing of industrial vehicles, both body work and chassis.
  •  Cleaning of sooty objects and buildings after a fire.
  •  Washing/ soaking oily and greasy coveralls.
  •  Works fast and effectively which greatly minimizes scrubbing effort
  •  Used by many oilfield drilling contractors and operators globally


Available in the following sized containers:

  • 20 ltr/kg
  • 220 ltr/kg barrels
  • 1000 ltr/kg IBC's

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