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Ray Oil Tool Company was incorporated in September, 1981, by Mr. Ray Mikolajczyk, the founder and President. Headquartered in Broussard, LA (near Lafayette) where the main operations and manufacturing facilities exist. RAY OIL TOOL CO., Ltd. in Aberdeen, Scotland U.K., furnishes the North Sea area.  Global production with agents in 25+ countries.

Ray Oil Tool Company was founded to develop new innovative casing cementing accessories, and their placement, for the betterment in obtaining the most essential requirement necessary for getting cement 360º around the casing.

With Ray Oil Tool Company's innovative products, the Oil and Gas Industry has obtained such an excellent no secondary cementing success that cement squeezing and remedial workovers are on the path of the dinosaur.

Ray Oil Tool Company has continued to set technology trends by inventing and designing innovative products to help save the Industry time and money.

Solutions are at hand; Contact a Ray Oil Tool Representative for the most advanced casing centralizer technology.