Flat Solid Single Drill Pipe Wiper

Single Solid Flat Drill Pipe Wiper

When pulling or running drill pipe - Pipe wipers are used to remove drilling fluids, cuttings and debris from the pipe as it’s being run or pulled by placing the wiper around the outside of drill pipe or tubing.  This allows personnel to handle the pipe safely and keeps the drill floor clean preventing slips and falls.

Additionally they also prevent foreign objects from falling into the well bore by covering the annulus between the tubing and casing.

Single Solid Flat Drill Pipe Wiper

All our pipe wipers contain reinforced steel rings and are manufactured using Natural Rubber compounds that provide good tensile strength and abrasion properties. This makes them suitable for both water and oil based drilling mud.


Single Solid Flat Drill Pipe Wiper  Single Solid Flat Drill Pipe Wiper

We supply all sizes of both Dual Split and Single Solid Type of Drill Pipe Wipers.


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