Drill Pipe Bow Spring Centraliser (centralizer)

Latch - On Casing Centralizer for Drill Pipe 


Ray Oil Tool latch-on drillpipe centralizers are designed for use within inner-string cementing operations by centralizing the drillpipe and giving excellent downhole durability and performance.



The steel bow springs are heat-treated enabling the bows to return to their original shape after passing through restrictions, further contributing to optimum centralization. The centralizers provide the necessary standoff and centralization to ensure the inner-string stinger is centered in the casing and correctly aligned with the corresponding equipment.

Latch On Drill Pipew Centarlizer Stop Rings 

Latch-on end collars incorporate a ribbed design that provides rigidity to the centralizer bands and protection for the bow springs.They are available with nail lock fastening as shown or with set screws.

Latch On Drill Pipew Centarlizer Stop Rings

Latch On Drill Pipew Centarlizer Stop Rings

Drillpipe Centralizers (Casing Centralizer for Drill pipe) are available for all drill pipe sizes from:
2 7/8” -  6 5/8”
When enquiring, please specify:
  •   Drill pipe size                             
  •   Hole Size                                
  •   Required length



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