6 5/8"x 8 3/8"OD x 8" Solid Slip On Spiral Blade Centralizers for Casing

6 5/8"x 8 3/8"OD x 8" 

Solid Slip On Spiral Blade Casing Centralizers

6 5/8"x 8 3/8"OD x 8"  Solid Slip On Spiral Blade Centralizers for Casing

The Industry’s Original 'Stand Off' solid spiral blade centralizer

Providing easy wellbore entry, clean fluid passage and maximum standoff between casing and wellbore. Solid centralizers have proven to be the casing centralizer which eliminates secondary cement squeezing and assures zonal isolation.

The solid spiral blade design promotes self-cleaning in the wellbore with less fluid restrictions and drag than bow centralizers and allows pipe to rotate and reciprocate freely inside the centralizer. Solid Centralizers are the superior casing accessories, delivering 360º total cement coverage.

Ray Oil Tool Company centralizers are cast of a high-grade aluminium alloy with one-piece construction. This design features the lowest drag and wear and fluid restrictions and has high impact and shock resistance, high tensile and yield strengths and corrosion resistance.

The 30° slope of the vane ends reduce drag and aid the casing in reaching TD. This gentle slope from the body to the height of the vane will eliminate scraping, gouging, or digging into the formation and consequently reduce balling between the vanes. The high-grade metallic alloy centralizer can now be placed across the productive intervals allowing clean perforations without shot distortion. Casing deterioration due to electrolysis between dissimilar metals is non-existent because the metallic alloy is the softer sacrificial metal reducing casing collapse.

The centralizers are designed to slip easily on the pipe's pin end. They can run free on the joint or between stop rings, or can be secured to the casing with set screws. Ray Oil Tool solid spiral blade centralizers are available for casing sizes ranging from 2 ½” to 20".

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