13 3/8" x 26" OD Solid Straight Blade Split Type Casing Centraliser (centralizer)


Solid Aluminium, Straight Blade - Split Type Casing Centralisers - Centralise 13 3/8" Casing inside 30" Conductor.

Utilized in Decommissioning/Well Abandonment Projects


13 38" x 26" OD Casing Centralizer

13 38"  Casing Centralizer Centralisers

13 38"  Casing Well Abandonment Solid Centralizer

Located in the North Sea, one operator whilst carrying out a plug and abandonment operation on one of their wells, run 5 joints of 13 3/8” casing  inside the 30” (310ppf) conductor, with a casing cutter within the BHA for cutting the 30” conductor
With a requirement to centralize the 13 3/8” whilst allowing the buttress casing to be rotated from surface at 60 RPM for 30 – 40 minutes to make the cut - Ray Oil Tool were called upon to offer a solution.
13 5/8"  Casing Straight Blade Solid Casing Centralizer


As shown above, we manufactured the 13 3/8” x 26” O.D x 12” solid aluminium straight blade centralisers in two halves, making them easier to handle manually. This would allow the centralisers to be installed at the wellsite. Both halves are fitted over the pipe and fastened together by 4 heavy duty stainless steel nuts/bolts and held in place with 13 3/8” stainless steel stop collars.
By gaining the advantage of allowing the pipe to be rotated from surface, cost savings are made within the BHA design, additionally the centralizers can be in most cases reused many times over again.

At Ray Oil Tool we have the capability to manufacture any custom size required, with quick turn around lead times.

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