10 3/4"x 11 3/4"OD Solid Straight Blade Casing Centralizer (Centraliser)

10 3/4"x 11 3/4"OD

Solid Slip On Type Straight Blade Casing Centralizer (Centraliser)

10 3/4" x 11 3/4"OD Straight Blade Solid Casing Centralizer


Solid Casing Centralizers have been proven to be the casing centralizer to eliminate secondary cement squeezing assuring zonal isolation. The solid straight blade design provides self-cleaning inside the well bore and less fluid restrictions and drag than bow spring centralizers, this allows the pipe to be rotated and to reciprocate freely inside the centralizer.

Centralizers are designed for slipping easily over the pin end of the pipe. Centralizers can also be positioned to move freely on the joint or in between the stop collars or if preferred fastened on the casing by use of set screws

Solid casing centralizers have proven to be the superior casing accessory that delivers 360 º cement coverage.                                             

  • Gives easy entry to the well bore
  • Clean fluid passage
  • Stand Off at its maximum between casing and well bore    

Our casing centralizers are cast in the UK using only high grade aluminium alloy in a one-piece construction. A design that is going to  counter drag, wear and fluid restrictions at the same time providing against high shock impact encounters with high tensile and yield strengths that resists against and corrosion.

The detail within the 30° slope of the blade ends will reduce drag. This in turn will help the casing to reach its total depth. The slope from the centralizer body to the top of the blade will stop scraping or digging into the formation and will consequently reduce balling between the blades. 

The centralizer can now be placed along productive intervals allowing clean perforations without any shot distortion.

Casing deterioration occurs normally as a result of electrolysis between dissimilar metals. This will be non-existent as the metallic alloy is the softer sacrificial metal reducing casing collapse.

The high grade metallic alloy centralizer can now be placed across the productive intervals allowing clean perforations without shot distortion. Casing deterioration due to electrolysis between dissimilar metals is non-existent because the metallic alloy is the softer sacrificial metal reducing casing collapse.

The centralizers are designed to slip easily on the pipe's pin end. They can run free on the joint or between stop rings, or can be secured to the casing with set screws.

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