Jet Lube Seal Guard ECF Premium Oilfield Pipe Thread Compound UK

Jet Lube Seal Guard ECF

Premium Pipe Thread Compound UK

Jet lube Seal Guard thread compound uk


Specifically formulated to meet the performance requirements of proprietary, metal-to-metal seal, and high interference connection designs utilizing high performance materials including super chrome and high alloy steels.

The smaller particle size distribution may not provide optimum seal performance on 8-round and buttress thread forms. SEAL-GUARD ECF has an advance base containing a carefully selected balance of synthetic and vegetable oils with Jet-Lube extreme base grease thickener technology coupled with innovative solid lubricants.

The result is superior lubrication under high loads with galling resistance equivalent to heavy metal based compounds in a totally metal-free formulation.

Jet Lube Seal Guard ECF premium oilfield pipe thread compound

This patented technology provides a high affinity to metal surfaces with a low added solids content. Ideal tubing connections - premium.


  • Superior lubrication under high loads with galling resistance
  • Patented, cutting-edge technology
  • High affinity to metal surfaces
  • Film that gives consistent frictional performance
  • Biodegradable
  • Metal-free
  • Sticks to wet or oily threads


Base Materials Complex / Synthetic & Vegetable Oils

Friction / Nut-Factor : 0 to 1.2 (Relative to API MODIFIED)

Certifications Ospar Commission – Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) CLASSIFICATION: “Yellow” rating for Norway CLASSIFICATION: “E” for The United Kingdom and The Netherlands Denmark PR#: 2351246 - Eco-Certified 

Service Rating :  -20°F to 450°F -29°C to 232°C 


JA20929 -   50-55 GAL Drum - 181.4 KG

JA20915 -   5 GAL Pail (Metal Yellow) - 20 KG

JA20923 -   1 GAL Pail - 3.63 KG

JA20915L - 5 GAL Pail (w/Liner) - 20 KG



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